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  • Hollie Young

We've been to Birmingham!

Our practice trip to the Dentistry conference in Birmingham!

Friday 13-14 May we decided to take a team visit to the Dentistry Show at the NEC Birmingham. This was a good opportunity for staff training and new products that are being introduced. We were also introduced to many of the biggest companies in dentistry and it was good for us to get our small practice out there!

The dental conference ran over a total of 2 days which included networking opportunities, enhanced CPD for the entire team, over 250 seminars and workshop sessions and internationally renowned speakers.

Seminars that were available to attend included: Perio, safeguarding in the workplace, medical emergencies, orthodontics, oral health of young children and composite bonding/alignment.

We all had an amazing time meeting new people, learning new things, seeing different products that may benefit our practice and patients more and of course grabbing all the free samples!!!

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