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We are still open over Lockdown 3.0

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Image by Tom Magliery via Copyright-free

Following on from Boris Johnson’s announcement Monday 4th January 2021, we can confirm that our practice will be opening as normal and that you can leave your home to attend your appointment on government advice - both urgent and routine. If you would like to visit us give us a bell on 01748 850607 or email Visit our site to see more about the treatments we offer.

We will continue to do a Covid risk assessment prior to your appointment, however if anything changes or you develop any covid type symptoms then do let us know.

We remain a very safe place to visit with even more cross infection control measure in addition to all our spend on additional PPE and high tech air purifiers, high volume ventilation to exchange the surgery air and antiviral misters and foggers.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support during this difficult time and may we take this opportunity to say Happy New Year to you all. I know the start is looking very much like 2020- but lets all remain positive. I'm sure the vaccines will see a big change later in 2021.

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Stay safe - from your team at CTL Dental

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