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The Wand

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Here at CTL we have welcomed a new piece of equipment that is targetted towards patients that are needle phobic.

The wand is a computer assisted anaesthesia system that painlessly delivers a painless single tooth injection. As well as delivering a pain free injection The Wand doesnt come with the numbing of the full soft tissue area (cheek, tongue and lip) which makes it easier for you to speak,drink and eat when you leave your appointment!

We chose to introduce The Wand into our practice due to the many benefits it has to offer which include:

-Rapid onset which means there is no waiting period for numbness to take action and therefore treatment can be started straight away.

- Nervous patients that may be phobic feel more at ease and less anxious.

- Most patients that have tried The Wand prefer this over normal anaesthesia syringe.

- High tec imagine for the practice

- Straight back to work/everyday activities due to reduced soft tissue numbness.

If any of our patients have received dental treatment and had anaesthesia from The Wand could write up a review on google that would be most appreciated.

Feedback from our patients who have received the wand:

'I have been having extensive work done with Claire at CTL Dental. When I needed numbing for certain procedures Claire used an amazing tool which just numbs the area she is working on instead of the whole mouth being numbed! I highly recommend you try the Wand Tool Single Tooth Anesthesia.'

'Didn’t feel a thing and whole experience was excellent.

Had the wand- felt nothing whatsoever '

'Would definitely have it again.Felt much better than when we do the normal local. Will be coming more often if we can do that- definitely pain free & likes not feeling as if dribbling after. '


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