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Joining CTL Dental as a New Patient - What happens?

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

We are asked all the time if we are taking on new patients and what the process is. As a private practice, we don’t have the same constraints and restrictions as an NHS dentist, so the answer is almost always yes! As for our process, we like to offer our patients absolute care from the off, right from the very first contact. So from your initial call to us, where you will speak to our lovely receptionist Chloe, we will do our best to put you at ease and offer you the best possible care.

After taking a few key details from you, and an initial upfront payment, we will give you an appointment for a new patient exam. This is for a 40 minute appointment where our Principal Dentist, DR. Claire Lawson will examine at least 15 points in your dental health check.

The new patient exam health check;

- Medical history - Problems since last dental visit - Pain or discomfort - Broken teeth or lost restorations - Able to eat an unrestricted diet - Appearance satisfaction - Assess jaw joint - Soft Tissue/mucosal check - Occlusion- static - Occlusion- dynamic - Plaque scores - Gum health/periodontal indices - Extra oral- swellings/lymph nodes/asymmetry - Recession

Then each tooth is checked for;

- Decay (caries) - Wear- abfraction/ abrasion - Attrition - Erosion - Ledges - Food traps - Large restorations benefitting from crowns - Existing restorations - Sensitivity

At CTL Dental, we pride ourselves on preventative care rather than reactive treatments, so being so thorough from the off allows us to understand the level of care you need.

Also at your new patient exam, you will be told about our dental plans. These are monthly payment plans which cover you for a set number of check ups and cleans as necessary throughout the year. Again, this means we catch an issues early, minimising any required treatment.

So if you have been putting off visiting the dentist, or are struggling to find a practice taking on new patients, get in touch with us today on 01748 850607 or email us on, and we will do all we can for you.

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