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Did you know we offer complete peace of mind...?

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

At CTL we always want to offer the best service to our patients. As such, we wanted to offer a complete care solution, a CTL Dental Practice Plan.

Practice plans are a way to give you peace of mind and reduce your dental costs, allowing you through a monthly payment to spread the cost of your routine dental treatment. Our plan also includes a 20% reduction off any treatment costs, and worldwide accident and emergency insurance.*

Our plans are as below;

Plan 1 - Denture Plan £7.95 per month

Plan 2 – Two visits per year

- 2 routine exams

- Up to 2 standard cleans

- £15.10 per month

Plan 3 – Four visits per year

- 2 routine exams

- Up to 4 standard cleans

- £22.95 per month

Children’s plans – Dependent on which plan is right for your child;

- Plan A £7.95 per month

- Plan B £11.85 per month

- Plan C £ 16.50 per month

*The insurance includes cover for emergency treatment up to the maximum value of £500 per incident, up to £2000 for the year.

If you would like peace of mind with a CTL Dental plan, or require more information, contact our team on 01748 850607.

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