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Caution Needed & a big Thank you from Claire!

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

I so hate to be the bearer of bad news- but I just wanted to send a cautionary word to everyone as lockdown restrictions are due to be reduced next Monday.

This horrid pandemic is not over yet. It is great that the death rate has fallen and I'm so glad that many of our patients are now protected with double vaccinations but the rate of cases in our area is at its second highest since Aug 20 according to the BBC website. The delta variant is being spread much easier and it was announced today that there had been a 46% rise in notifications to self isolate via the NHS covid app last week.

Indeed we have seen this ourselves with 3 of our team members having to isolate in the last 2 weeks and many short notice cancellations as our patients are experiencing the same.

So do please stay very cautious and safe!!!

The thank you is to all the very kind patients we had to move at short notice this week from Claire's book as she had to isolate. Thankfully she has had the all clear and is back to work. She has opened extra time to see all cancelled patient's next week- Please phone between 8am and 3pm tomorrow (Friday the 16th July) to reschedule if you have not been contacted.

A final Thank you to the lovely and very capable CTL team who have been hugely flexible and allowed Claire to change her hours so drastically at short notice to be able to meet this demand due to all the cancelled appointments. You are all wonderful!!!!

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