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Our time has come to start sponsoring a new pup, following the forever home update for Kevin.

The new special (4 pawed) man in our lives is Douglas!

Douglas is been raised by a lady called Caroline, who's been raising puppies for Guide Dogs for a whopping 6 years - that's a lot of puppies! <3 She started whilst she was recovering from an illness, and has never looked back since. She also mentors new puppy raisers too.

Douglas is currently living with Caroline and her pet Labrador, Harry, who is currently acting like a big brother to the young pup.

What's Douglas like, I hear you ask well here's a little bit from Caroline about Douglas' personality "He's the most mischievous pup I've raised, but he's also very laid back, and takes everything in his stride. He's calm and likes to observe. However, when he's on a free run, he has so much energy and bounces around, and it's funny to watch! He has a little quirek where he will sneak up behind me and try to take my fluffy slippers off my feet without me noticing, then he'll cuddle up to them. Douglas loves to play with toys, especially soft toys. His favourite is a purple soft toy elephant, which he enjoys snuggling with in bed" . Well I think we need a group "AWWWW", because that sounds adorable!

Douglas has started his training, and if you'd like to find out more about the cues he's learning, you can have a look here:

I'm sure you'll all agree that Douglas is 'pawsitively' adorable, and we will keep you updated when his next Pupdate comes through in June!

An incredible fact about Guide Dogs is that in 2022, they supported over 4060 guide dog partnerships, and nearly 700 My Signted Guide partnerships - this is a service which connects a locally trained volunteer with a person with sight loss.

Puppies go to their puppy raisers when they are 7-8 weeks old, where these wonderful people will provide a loving home and the vital foundation needed for the pups future. To find out more, please visit

Keep your eyes peeled for the next pupdate, until then, I'm sure Douglas will be thriving in learning all his new skills needed to provide help to someone when he's old enough to go to his forever home.

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