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Super Scanner!!

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Today the whole team spent the morning with Straumann learning more about our 3Shape scanner so we could improve our techniques and learn more about its benefits to not only our patients but to also to our dental team. Claire has been using this equipment for over a year now, but the whole team can now use it and benefit from this big investment in technology.

The scanner is an impressive tool that allows us to optimise comfort for our patients and give us a superior view when treatment planning for patients.

The scanner allows us to take 3D images of our patients mouth allowing us to show different treatment options and possibilities whatever this may be eg. crown treatment, whitening or orthodontic treatment.

This nifty scanner can speed up surgery time and even send your scan to one of our labs before you leave the building!

To make it even more exciting it includes a smile design feature and immediate tooth alignment app that allow us to show you an end result right from the outset!

We hope to see you soon to show you this exciting piece of kit!

Image by CTL Dental via mobile Copyright-free

Here is a picture of the scanning unit & what we may see on the laptop.

Here is a lower 3D scan- which we can move in all directions to see every part of a tooth on a big screen.

Image by Screenshot via laptop Copyright-free

Here is 1 example of what we can use the scans for, a before & after view of one of our patients for aligner tooth movement- these results can be achieved in less than 8 months and these treatments are on offer for the next 3 months.

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