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"Meet Our Newest Team Member: Dr. McKendrick, Experienced Dentist Ready to Care for Your Smile"

As some of you may be aware, from either reading the newsletter or from having appointments booked, we are lucky to be joined by our newest member of the team - Doug.

Doug will be our other Dentist working along side Claire, and his clinics run on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

Wednesday & Thursday - 9am until 6.30pm

Friday - 8am - 3.30pm.

Doug qualified from Newcastle in 2019 and has worked in the Northeast ever since. He enjoys all aspects of Dentistry and takes pride in making people feel more comfortable and confident with their teeth. He’s very excited to get going at CTL and to join Claire and her wonderful team. Outside of work, Doug is kept busy with DIY projects and currently preparing for the arrival of his new puppy!

As well as having appointments available for emergencies for our registered patients, unregistered patients will have more opportunities to come in for one of our new "Get Out Of Pain" appointments - the cost of this is £200 - that's it. (No hidden fees!) What's included? 1 type of treatment to help get you out of pain.

So if you know of anyone who isn't yet registered with a dentist, and they are in pain, you can either get them in for one of these appointments - available most days - or they can register to join the practice as we are currently taking on new patients!

We currently have a very small waiting list, and are booking people in as early as May for their first appointment, so now is a very good time to join us here at CTL. Please either call, email, or pop in to reception in our opening hours to find out how to join.

We hope you'll all welcome Doug, as he will become on of the faces you will frequently see when you visit us at the practice.

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