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Kevin Pupdate! - He has an Owner!

Kevin has finally found his owner!

A message from Shaun, Kevin's owner:

"Kevin is a fantastic guide dog. He's so talented and energetic, I love his playful personality and we've built an incredible bond. He guides me everywhere I need to go, and we love going to a park close to where I live, so he can have a free run. He's fitted into my musical lifestyle really well, he likes to stay close to me while I sing and play the guitar. He's great company and he's enriching my life so much. I'm so thankful I have a friend like him.

I can't wait to make new travel and holiday plans with Kevin. I'm hoping to go to Yorkshire for Christmas, so he can meet my family and we'll all celebrate together.

Thankyou so much for sponsoring Kevin, he's filling my days with joy."

Shaun and Kevin

Hearing words like this really means everything to us, and this is why we sponsor pups like Kevin, so that they go on and make a difference to peoples lives, just like Shaun.

We wish them all the best in the future, and only hope that their bond gets even stronger!

Photo taken via mobile of leaflet from guidedogs

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