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"Are You Happy with Your Smile? Discover the Treatment Options at CTL"

Did you know here at CTL we offer the following amazing aesthetic treatments? Do you feel like you're wanting more from your smile, and not quite sure which is the best option for you? Read below to find out about the options we have available at CTL

ClearCorrect - We're happy to say we work with ClearCorrect to help you get the smile you want. ClearCorrect is a removable clear aligner that moves your teeth into the ideal position overtime, they're an alternative to traditional metal braces. Treatment time with ClearCorrect depends on the type of tooth movement required and can vary from 6 months to a couple of years - every case is individually suited to you and your needs. Our clinicians will work with advisors who'll come up with a "simulation" so you can see exactly how your teeth should look at the end of your treatment time. This course of treatment usually requires appointments every 6 weeks to move onto the next aligner, and the aligner should be worn for 22 hours a day - only to be removed whilst eating and cleaning your teeth.

Crowns - You might need a crown for a few reasons, following a Root Canal, there's a large

cavity that cannot be filled, or if your tooth is severly worn down. The tooth is shaped so the crown fits, and it cemented into place over the required tooth. There are a couple of different materials that can be used for a crown, (either a precious metal or a ceramic substance), all of which will get discussed when creating your treatment plan. We usually require 2 appointments for a crown, one to prep and one to fit once the laboratory has returnedWhils the crown to us.

Bridges - Do you feel like you're consious of a gap within your teeth? A bridge could be the cosmetic treatment just for you! Not only do they fill the gap, but they also keep your teeth from moving out of place, once it is placed it acts just like your natural teeth. Just like the prep involved with a crown, the 2 teeth that the bridge attaches too are shaped down so the 2 ends can be cemented into place.

Implant Referrals - Whilst at CTL we don't carry out the surgical parts of implant treatment, be we can refer patients to a specialist to be assessed if they are suitable for implants. We do also help with the placing of implants once the healing has taken place. Implants are used to replace missing teeth, and they have 2 parts - the metal anchor that is inserted into the jaw bone, once the anchor has healed, the false tooth is screwed into the anchor that has been in place.

Veneers - Are you concerned about chips, staining, mishapen or crooked teeth? Then a veneer may be an option for you. Veneers are one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures. A veneer works in a slightly different way than crowns, bridges and implants, in that they cover only the front surface of the tooth. There are many different veneers available such as composite and porcelain. Similar to the crown, we do require two appointments one for the prep and one for the fitting of the veneer.

Dentures - Dentures are removable appliances that can either replace the whole arch of

teeth (the whole top or bottom row - or both!), or you can have a partial denture if required, that replaces a few teeth. It depends on what might work best for you. We work closely with labs to make sure that we get the right denture for you, some are the full acrylic dentures, whilst some are partially metallic and might have metal clasps on them to hold them in place. Dentures do take a little while to make, and consist of approximately 6 appointments (this changes case to case). We need to make impressions of the area that we're making the denture for, and we do this using something called alginate - think of a putty - and this sets to allow the lab to create special trays for you to continue working from. Within the appointments we match the shade of the teeth to your natural teeth, and we make sure that when you're wearing them, it sits nicely and is comfortable. We follow up with a reveiw a week after you've had the finished product to make sure no more adjustments are needed.

Here at CTL we have great scanning technology - we get to use our Trios Scanner, you might know from previous experience we use this for appointments when preparing for crowns, implants, scanning for a retainer or even when preparing for a Clear Correct simulation. It's a piece of technology that takes lots of images at quick succession, and a 3D image of your teeth appear on our screen. This is used to ensure that appliances fit perfectly into the space they need to fit, or that retainers fit perfectly onto teeth without causing any issues. We also use this technology to scan for whitening trays too.

If you're interested in any of the above, please ask at your next appointment to see if your eligible for any of the treatment listed above, our clinicians will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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