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A new referral gift- are we Mad as a Hatter!!!

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Well the mad hatter is perhaps an apt discussion for a Dentist as the reason Hatters went mad was due to inhaling mercury vapours used to stabilise the wool used in their hat making in a process called felting. For more on this press here

Obviously the link to Dentistry is in amalgam fillings which also contain mercury. One thing to say is that Mercury is only thought to have health risks when in a vapour form so we have no reason to suspect our old black amalgam fillings will do us any harm (but they certainly dont look very nice, do they?).

We are proud to say that as a very modern and innovative dental practice we rarely use Amalgam (except where repairing an old restoration will be the least damaging option for a patient). To see more about the extensive treatments we offer click here.

This is a Mad Hatter we are pleased to be linked to though.

Claire got some of the Mad Hatter tea as a gift and fell in love with it. We are very happy to support a local business and spread the love to our great customer base. If you refer our services to a friend who joins the practice, you will receive this lovely referral gift.

Mad Hatter Tea & Cafe Wonderland Coffee Hamper "Lovers of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, with this delightful gift set, get the chance to journey to Wonderland with each and every sip..."

Based at Firby Court in Richmond, click here to visit the Mad Hatter Tea website.

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