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Ask For Jesse!

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

What is Ask for Jesse? Ask for Jesse is a new campaign fronted by Boots, aimed at helping to close the poverty gap by assisting vulnerable families. Working in collaboration with The Hygiene Bank, customers can simply 'ask for Jesse' when in store.. A member of the Boots team will discreetly provide oral hygiene products to customers with children aged three to five years old.

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Did you know...

  • Currently almost nine out of 10 hospital tooth extractions among infants aged up to five years old are down to preventable tooth decay.

  • •Tooth decay can cause problems with eating and sleeping. For those children waiting for tooth extractions in hospital in the North of England, 67% of parents reported their child had pain and 38% reported having sleepless nights2.

  • •Significant inequalities persist, with admission rates for tooth extraction in the most deprived communities nearly four times that of those living in the most affluent communities

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Cost of living.

This comes as reports show the cost of living is about to soar. Increased national insurance contributions and energy, petrol and food costs are affecting all.

For example- The energy price cap was recently increased to 54%, meaning the average household will see its energy bills increase by around £700 every year.

At CTL Dental we are passionate about preventative dentistry and do all we can to reduce preventable dental disease. If you would like the peace of mind of a thorough examination and preventative dental programme for you or your child -contact our team on 01748 850607, email or visit the website here.

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