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Are you worth it? Testimonial Dec 20- by Helen, Richmond

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Helen was a longterm patient who decided to look at some cosmetic concerns in 2020. Obviously there were more delays than usual due to the lockdown but here are the before and after pictures.

Image by CTL Dental Copyright-free

What were the concerns?- discoloured, cracked and crowded teeth and there was a lower tooth that stuck right out originally

How did we treat it?-

Removed the tooth which stuck out

Some short term aligner therapy (tooth movement-bottom teeth) and composite veneers (upper teeth)

How did you find the treatment?

All went according to plan, can't fault it really. It had all been well explained, there was slight discomfort with the aligner therapy as discussed but it wasn't bad- I never thought "why have I done this?" or needed any painkillers.

Image by CTL Dental Copyright-free

How has it changed your life/ confidence in your smile?

Well I just thought my teeth looked "old" before and I didn't really want to smile. After the treatment, well you forget how bad they were- until you look back at the photos. No one knew any different as that was how I looked but I realised how improved it was when talking to my daughter- Now I'm not self conscious about smiling.

Would you recommend CTL Dental?

Yes, the family all come to CTL Dental and I have a friend in a similar situation and she is toying with the idea of getting similar treatment.

How is the service offered by the team?

From other dental care I received, it is just little things that are different. You feel looked after by the CTL team and are given more time.

Why not come in and get a state of the art 3D scan and a 'smile design' to see how we can address your concerns and build your confidence. Visit our site to see more about the treatments we offer. A new smile can take years off you and even help get that new job your dreamed of- not to mention giving you a lift each time you pass a mirror and helping you to get selfie or wedding photo fit!

To quote L'Oreal - you are definitely worth it!

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